Ibby on Betalist

We have just been featured on BetaList!

We’ve been working non-stop to get our product off the ground, and we’re kicking off this week with our startup featured on BetaList! 🤸‍♂️

BetaList is a fantastic place for discovering startups and connecting them with beta testers. Users around the globe can find new products, subscribe to be the first to try them, while makers can get noticed and receive much valued feedback from early users.

The timing is perfect for us. Our pre-launch landing page went live a few days ago and we’re happy to see the list of early subscribers growing. Our new-generation messaging platform combines live chat, email, SMS and powerful automations. With Sales & Support modules, Ibby can supercharge teams to generate more leads, close sales quicker and improve customer support.



Help us to get discovered


We’d love to have your support in this exciting pre-launch phase. You can help us simply by clicking on the heart ❤️ at the bottom of our BetaList feature here. Each up vote will help us to get on the trending list and front page of the BetaList website, to get discovered by more people.

We’ll announce soon the launch of our MVP and share all about our exciting features with our followers and early adopters, so watch this space! You can join the list of early adopters who will get access to our platform and try it for free for 3 months (!!) Join the messaging revolution by subscribing here.

Thanks for your support!


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