Top Chatbot & AI Conferences to attend in the UK in 2020

The advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots are non-stop. Attending some events can help to keep you up to speed.

It’s the start of a new decade and we are now looking at this year ahead with excitement; 2020 stands upon us with great promises for continuous advances in chatbot technology and AI.

Chatbots have now penetrated almost every business with an online presence, in most industries we know. The financial sector, in particular, has experienced major disruption in the last couple of years. Chatbots have been impacting financial services by providing a valuable channel for customer interaction; assisting users with personal financial planning, handling much of basic customer contact queries, helping with transactions and application processes, and more.

What are the best ways to keep up with all the updates in the industry? Conferences and events always provide a platform for valuable insight and networking to keep up with all the latest news.

We’ve collated all the details for some of the best conferences taking place in the United Kingdom in 2020. Take a look and get ready to pencil down some dates!*

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Anyone keeping an eye out for trends and insights will be familiar with the brand: Gartner is hosting a conference dedicated to data and analytics, showing the tech trends that are shaping the future and providing insights for a competitive edge.

With AI driving significant innovation in the field of data and analytics, this event is one to watch for data-driven businesses. Gartner promises “you will learn how to rewire your culture for an AI-augmented future”

When is it: March 9th – 11th, 2020

Where is it: London, UK

More info: Gartner website

AI & Big Data Expo Global 2020

This conference offers a promising line-up of speakers and talks for wide-ranging brands, start-ups and AI enthusiasts alike to participate in the latest discussions of AI. Insights from the event will be focused on AI and Big Data, the impact within consumer sectors, development platforms, digital transformation opportunities, and more. 

When is it: March 17th – 18th, 2020

Where is it: London, UK.

More info: AI Expo website

AI World Congress 2020

This world leading conference is taking place in London and has an exciting agenda covering the topic of machine learning in depth, plus great opportunities for networking.

When is it: March 24th – 25th, 2020

Where is it: London, UK

More info: AI World Congress website. Tickets can also be booked here

The AI Summit

Looking for practical tips? This conference is the flagshop event for Longon Tech Week and it offers just that – insights for businesses to put into practice right away, to make the most of AI advances. If your business is new to AI, this conference can provide valuable information to discover the opportunities and benefits of AI, and what to take into account for planning your AI roadmap.

When is it: June 10th – 11th, 2020

Where is it: London, UK

More info: The AI summit website

Events about automation in financial services

Looking for events specific to AI and automation in financial services? These events may be just what you’re looking for.

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services 2020

With a focus on the impact of AI in business models within the financial services space, this conference is coming back in 2020 for 2 days, with professionals across a range of financial institutions gathering to discuss the current state of AI in the industry – sharing tips and expertise.

When is it: February 4th – 5th, 2020

Where is it: London, UK

More info: Arena’s website

TechNova: AI in Financial Services

In a one-day event, TechNova promises to bring the latest in development and innovation for financial services, with hot topics expanding upon conversational AI, customer interaction, transformation through robotic automation, and the overall AI movement surrounding the industry.

When is it: March 17th, 2020

Where is it: London, UK

More info: TechNova AI in Financial Services

ReWork AI in Finance Summit

This 2-day conference offers the opportunity for those in the sector to “discover advances in machine learning tools and techniques from the world’s leading innovators across industry, research and the financial sector.”

When is it: March 31st – April 1st, 2020

Where is it: London, UK

More info: Re-Work’s website

*Please note the dates listed are subject to change – make sure to check the organisers’ websites for the latest information about the events before making any arrangements. We are an independent startup and don’t work in partnership with any company related to the aforementioned events

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