Live chat support: 10 tips for best results

Ready to engage with visitors on live chat? Here’s a list of 10 top tips for communicating effectively and make the most of every opportunity.

Live chat gives you a fine chance for engaging with visitors online, answer questions instantly and turn them into customers. But it’s important to know what works well and what doesn’t, so here’s a guide with our top ten recommendations to help you to maximise results!


1. Introduce yourself


Start the conversation with a friendly greeting and an introduction with your name. Don’t rely on your avatar or information displayed on the chat window to tell visitors who you are – introducing yourself directly is an important step to start establishing rapport with customers.

Sharing your name will also help humanise the interaction and assure your visitor that a real person is ready to take care of the case.


2. Keep it human


In spite of all the hype around chatbots, several reports on customer service stats show that people still want to talk to a real person, so do your best to power your live chat support with helpful humans.


3. Use the right tone


The tone that a customer service agent adopts has the ability to express a range of emotions, which presents both opportunities and risks. Remember this, so that you can strike a conversation with the right tone and provide a positive experience for every interaction.

A relatively informal (but always professional) tone will help you to come across as friendly and approachable.

Also, don’t be shy with the use of emojis, people love them!


4. Be quick


Your response time is crucial in live chat service. The point of using live chat is to keep the conversation real-time. Consumers expect an instant response, so the optimal response time in live chat is circa 10 seconds, and under 1 minute.

Help yourself with canned responses when appropriate to provide a quick response, and stay alert with notifications to stay on top of all conversations.


5. Be proactive – make the most of visitor data


The best live chat tools are equipped with live website visitor analytics that give you a real-time view of your visitors online: you can see where your visitors come from, what they are browsing, how much time they spend on your website and more.

The trick is in using this data to your advantage, as it allows you to get really close to prospects and proactively engage with them.  Do you see someone spending a lot of time on your pricing page? Chances are they are struggling or have some questions – offer some help! 

Monitor your data to identify prospects online and start a conversation. A data-driven approach can help to improve conversion rates and sales.


6. Avoid transfers: chat as a team


We’ve all been there – as customers – in the unfortunate event where we get switched from department to department; or asked to send an email or call a number to get the support required. Sadly, this happens in live chat too!

Luckily, with Ibby, you can invite users to a live conversation with a visitor or a customer, to get them the instant help that they need. No need for transfers.

Chatting as a team can not only provide quick assistance, but also delight your visitors with the level of service, as most people don’t expect to talk with more than one person on live chat!


7. Keep messages short


Keeping your messages short will help you to provide a quicker response. Try to send short messages composed of 1 or 2 sentences; keep them informative and to the point.


8. Be patient


Sending multiple messages without allowing your visitor the chance to read can give the wrong impression.  Give them a moment to think and get back to you – this will help the dialogue to flow naturally.


9. Deliver personalised service


Providing a personalised service is key to customer satisfaction. In fact, a research from Accenture found that 73% of consumers prefer to do business with retailers who use personal data for providing a more personalised experience.

Keeping this in mind, make the most of contextual data that can give you all the customer insights you need to provide tailored support. Start by addressing your customer by name!

Live website analytics also provide helpful insights for a more personalised service.


10. Set expectations 


Managing expectations is vital for customer satisfaction rates. You can choose to display your typical response time to let your visitors know what to expect.

In addition, you can use the welcome message on your chat window to show your support hours if your company doesn’t operate 24/7; or to inform your visitors of certain things like downtime or if you are short staffed on the day


Succeeding with live chat is easier than you think – it all starts with choosing the right software. With Ibby, you’ll be ready to deliver a live chat experience that meets demands and delights your customers. Sign up today and get started for free!

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