Ibby provides a set of messaging tools to allow insurance companies to grow and scale

Automate responses

Manage insurance queries in a snap

Support your customers with a smart 24/7 chatbot providing instant answers for simple questions. Ibby can help automate your insurance marketing funnel for queries about products, new policy arrangements, instant claims, account management and more.

Capture leads and increase sales

Your sales journey covered

Live chat allows insurance companies to capture prospective clients' details to qualify more leads, even when you are offline. Let the chatbot assist visitors, qualify and convert leads for you.

Nurture leads

Never miss an opportunity! Let Ibby capture your visitors’ details, automate tasks for following up, set reminders, set timed emails & SMS to nurture leads and close deals quicker.

Chatbot templates

Our templates tailored to creative agents will help you to show visitors information about your services, book meetings, schedule calls and more. Avoid time on the phone and save it for selling!

Customise workflow paths

Edit templates in a few clicks to suit your marketing and sales funnel. Choose from different buttons and responses and automate the buying journey for your customers.

Appointment booking

Less time on the phone, more time for selling

Ibby’s appointment scheduling helps companies to maximise the potential of live chat for closing more sales. Let visitors and customers book appointments within the widget and right from your website for consultations, sales meetings, etc.

Automate chat, email & SMS

Be the first to respond

Did you know that as much as 50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first? Ibby's automations will assist your agents to respond instantly to leads, and follow up effectively. Automate tasks and trigger messages to move contacts through the entire journey.

Ibby helps customers globally, you live on Earth right?
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