Provide an in-person banking experience for your customers with live chat, co-browsing and automations

Live chat & co-browsing

Banking queries managed in a snap

Support your customers with a smart 24/7 chatbot providing instant answers for simple questions and provide information about products, new accounts, claims and more. Use co-browsing to navigate with customers through pages and documents; assist customers with an in-person service as if they are in your agency.

Capture leads and increase sales

Your lead capture machine

Use live chat for banking services to help generate more leads and capture prospective clients' details, even when you are offline. Let the chatbot recruit potential customers for you.

Automate self-service

24/7 Automated service

Let our automations take care of simple queries and assist your customers 24/7. With Ibby, agents can automate service enquiries and account management procedures, and increase efficiency with better banking support.

Chatbot templates

Our templates tailored to financial services will help you to show visitors product information, book appointments and more. Avoid time on the phone and save it for selling!

Nurture leads

Never miss an opportunity! Let Ibby capture your visitors’ details, automate tasks for following up, set reminders, set timed emails & SMS to nurture leads and close deals quicker.

Customise workflow paths

Edit templates in a few clicks to suit your marketing and sales funnel. Choose from different buttons and responses and automate the buying journey for your customers.

Conversational banking support

Make a difference in the market

Banks need to make interactions count. Ibby provides messaging solutions for banking and financial queries, to bring the modern and personalised experience your customers want. Our digital engagement tools include live chat, co-browsing, automations in email and SMS and more, to supercharge banking support.

Automate advice

Self-service articles for instant help

Giving advice can be incredibly time-consuming. Save time with automations and build a knowledge base for your customers to find help instantly. Let the Ibby chatbot deliver advice for account management, banking procedures, banking settings and more.

Automate chat, email & SMS

Optimise response time

Use smart automations to respond instantly to leads. Automate manual tasks and let the chatbot connect you to prospects when the time is right.

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