Complete help desk support workspace to level up your customer service.

Support Dashboard

Your command centre for top customer service

Get a complete overview of your help desk with support tickets, statuses, cases assigned to you and your team. Assess performance with comprehensive reporting for your sales & support modules.

A better help desk

Create a better experience for customers with Ibby's ticketing system and messaging features. Automate chat responses, email, SMS messages, tasks and more. Manage tickets with ease to provide top support.

Improve retention

Use Ibby's automations to power communications and send the right message to the right contacts, at the right time. Automate tasks to stay on top of every lead and keep more happy customers.

Drive engagement on autopilot

Set up timed messages to engage better with your contacts throughout the lifecycle. Engage with visitors in a conversational way, turn them into customers and build loyalty right from the start.

Tickets within a smart CRM

Full context for top support

Let Ibby create tickets automatically from live chat, email, SMS. Find all the context you need to provide better support. Select statuses for tickets and assign contacts to users. Follow up with tasks and workflows associated to your contacts and manage tickets with ease.


Help centre with knowledge base

Create and manage your help centre with a collection of articles. Let customers find answers to Frequent Asked Questions. Scale support with guides and helpful information.


Better support, higher retention

Assign contacts to the relevant teams and users to manage conversations and support tickets effectively. Collaborate better with your team to solve cases quickly and boost your customer service levels.

Report Suite (COMING SOON)

Insights that matter

Ibby equips your team with comprehensive reports to assess conversations, sales and service performance. Empower your team with insights to maximise productivity. Deep dive into report data to understand what's working well for your team and identify areas for improvement.

Ibby helps customers globally, you live on Earth right?
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