Conversations Inbox

The smart conversational platform your team needs.

Centralised communications

All conversations in one place

Ibby's multi-channel inbox organises all conversations with your contacts so that your team can better communicate with and support customers.

Improve productivity

Empower your team

Let your team power communications and respond to contacts on their channel of preference - live chat, email, SMS or Facebook Messenger, all within Ibby. Increase team efficiency with workflows to maximise sales.

Smart filters

Get full control of your messages with advanced inbox filters and smart searches to help you deal with requests efficiently.

Canned responses

Keep messaging templates handy for your team to respond quicker and save time.

Context for every conversation

Easy access to all conversations within your contact records, to give you full context of every case. Quickly find out when a contact was last contacted, what was said or what channel was used.

Ibby helps customers globally, you live on Earth right?
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