Increase conversion and build loyalty with a new dimension of customer support

Collaborative browsing

Step in to assist visitors online. Literally.

Add a human touch to your visitors' online experience and delight customers with co-browsing. Assist them in real-time right on their screen to guide them through the buying journey. Increase conversion with our high engagement on-boarding tools.

Show and tell

Streamline the application process

Lengthy forms and complex application steps create unnecessary friction and drop-off points. With co-browsing, you can "show and tell" to transform the application process into a collaborative portal. Provide the best customer experience and increase conversion.

Get a view of your visitor's screen

Get a real-time view of visitors' screen to solve issues quicker. Combine co-browsing with live chat for top support. No more emails and calls; level up your customer service.

Completely secure

Co-browsing is completely safe for your visitors. Agents are only able to see the webpage the visitor is currently on, and sensitive data can be redacted from the agent’s view.

Annotate and push pages

Annotate the screen in real-time to highlight elements or show visitors where to click. Push pages to direct visitors online to different parts of your website.

Live assistance

No downloads, easy to use

Co-browsing requires no downloads, it’s easy and safe to use. Your agents only have to send a request for collaborative browsing, and the session starts once your visitor grants permission. See what visitors are browsing, collaborate via live chat and provide comprehensive assistance in real-time.

an experience they will love

Turn interactions into sales

Exceed customer expectations by guiding visitors online through the buying process. Use co-browsing to show them what to do or where to click. Build loyalty from the start and turn leads into happy customers.

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