Chat automation

Chatbots and powerful workflow automations to increase conversion

Improve communication

Automation workflows

Discover the power of conversations to respond to contacts on their channel of preference. Use workflows to automate messaging on chat, email and SMS to maximise sales.


Your lead capture machine

Ibby bot is there to assist you 24/7 and capture contact details for your visitors while you are offline. Generate more leads and capture prospective clients' details in an automated way. Automate actions and tasks to follow up on every lead and maximise sales.

Chatbot templates

Handy messaging templates to automate responses. Edit answers and decision paths to suit your business and customers.

Workflow paths

Edit templates in a few clicks to supercharge your funnel. Choose from different buttons and responses and automate the buying journey.

Qualify leads automatically

Let Ibby capture your visitors’ details for you, even when you're not online. Automate responses to follow up. Set tasks and reminders to nurture leads and close more deals.

provide instant help

Chat automation for support

Customers love instant help! Automate self-service with articles and automated chat responses, and transform your customer support platform. With Ibby, giving advice is no longer a time-consuming task. Build a knowledge base and let your customers find help instantly.

Ibby helps customers globally, you live on Earth right?
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