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Ibby is a messaging platform to engage, convert, support and retain happy customers.

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Live Chat

Real-time conversations to boost sales

Instantly qualify leads and win customers by engaging in one-to-one conversations with live chat.

Work better with your team

Invite users to a conversation to answer your visitors’ questions in real-time, as a team. Collaborate with your team with comments behind-the-scenes.

Automation to drive productivity

Automate messages and tasks, respond quicker and connect prospects to the relevant teams instantly to close more deals.

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Live Visitor Analytics

See what your visitors are doing on your website right now.

Get a full picture of your website visitors in real-time. Identify prospects when they are online and proactively start a conversation to qualify more leads.

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Conversations Inbox

All your conversations in one place

All your messages – live chat, email, SMS and Facebook Messenger, in one smart conversations inbox for your team to manage and respond to leads and users effectively.

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Sales & Help Desk

Customise pipeline views to suit any sales process

Customisable pipeline and automations to cater for different lead or customer lifecycles.

Email & SMS drip automation

Don’t leave follow-ups, chasing, and lead nurturing to your sales team. Use powerful workflows to let Ibby do it automatically.

Reporting at its core

Simple and intuitive reports with all the insights you need to improve sales, increase leads and retain happy customers.

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