Moving away from email: Embracing multichannel comms

B2C Communications are usually a complex mesh of points of contact. Using multichannel communication may be the best way forward for converting more customers.

Instant messaging, email, phone, social media – so many channels to communicate with customers lead to teams losing track of where conversations started, where they should scale to, and wasting time on deciding how to best collaborate.   

Email is one particular tool that is deeply rooted in customer communications, and as such it will be around for the long haul, especially seeing as its usage is constantly on the rise.

On average, people spend over 4 hours a day checking work emails and over 3 hours checking personal email. This always-on email culture suggests that email isn’t going away – a reason why businesses need to find a way to make the most of it.

The challenges of working with email as a team

Because email is not designed for teams but built as a one-to-one channel, there’s a few challenges that come with trying to use email to collaborate with your team:

Working through your inbox is like going down a rabbit hole

The ton of email the average worker has to process every morning has become a major hindrance for teams’ productivity.

Toggling between personal accounts and a teams’ inboxes, deciding what’s actionable, applying filters, forwarding or looping colleagues in an endless chain – it’s a struggle most teams have to deal with on a daily basis. Workers spend hours trying to get their inboxes to zero, leaving not much time to focus on the most important tasks.

Disjointed inboxes create team barriers

Companies usually create multiple addresses like info@, sales@ or support@ to provide easier ways for customers to get in contact with the relevant team. But this usually creates barriers amongst teams and complicates collaboration.

The approach of multiple emails ends up in agents having to rely on forwards, CC’s and BCC’s, or even multiple platforms to try and work together as a team. On the other side, confused customers often decide to fire off multiple emails to different email addresses, increasing the chances of teams working disjointedly or duplicating effort.

Email inboxes work in silos

Email is great for simple communication, but when people try to use it as a means of team collaboration – on things like group discussions or working together to update files – it’s chaotic.

Email inboxes are a trap for relevant information; agents spend much of their valuable time trying to retrieve key pieces of information from an inbox, going through countless email threads to find files, or emailing colleagues separately to ask for assistance. It can be truly painful.

To help mitigate the confusion that emails generate, teams often resort to meetings in the best intentions of getting things done. But how often do these meetings end up being pointless and unproductive?

Ibby to the rescue: a better way to collaborate.

We built Ibby to make communication easy not just with your customers, but also with your teammates. As an all-encompassing messaging solution for teams, Ibby addresses the common pain points of working with email with 3 practical features:

1- Conversations: Ibby’s multi-channel Inbox

Ibby’s Conversations work as a unified inbox collating messages from your visitors and customers, coming in from different channels: live chat, email, SMS and Facebook Messenger (we are looking to include more channels in the near future!)

The concept of a centralised command centre for communications is ideal for teamwork: teams can receive and respond collaboratively, to different channels, from one platform.  

  • All communications in one space. Email is not the only point of contact – there’s live chat, SMS, social media – and Ibby integrates all your business channels in one Conversations tab. This makes it easy for your team to manage communications and get back to customers no matter how they reach you.
  • Quicker response times. Ibby’s Conversations counts with a highly intuitive UI, helping your team to respond quicker and more effectively.
  • Notifications. Customisable notifications in Ibby mean that you and your team can get notified when incoming messages arrive from any channel, by email or inside the app, or with browser notifications – your choice!
  •  The power of context. Your Conversations smartly connect communication threads with your contacts – giving your team all the context necessary to act on cases with accuracy. Digging in your email for hours to find what you need to know will soon be a distant memory.

2- Private Chat: Collaborate behind the scenes, in real-time

As part of your Conversations, Ibby is equipped with a Private Chat mode for agents to collaborate in real-time and drive productivity, behind-the-scenes!

  • Let conversations flow to close more sales. Connect with other teams and colleagues while chatting with visitors to get work done and close deals quicker. No more team barriers.
  • Discuss things in real-time. Stop relying on email and discuss things with your team in real-time; the proper way to instant collaboration.

3- Live chat designed for teams

Need to collaborate on a conversation as a team? We’ve got that covered too.

  • Engage in live chat as a team. With Private Chat, teammates can mention each other to get them involved in conversations, so that you can engage with visitors and customers in live chat as a team. This means that, when the circumstances require team action, the conversation is not just one-to-one, but team-to-one!

Ready to spend less time on email and get more work done?

We bet you are. Most teams have experienced the pain of wasting too much time with email, but we at Ibby are working to change that.

We know how much businesses can benefit from intuitive messaging tools that make teamwork easier. And we know how much effective teamwork can result in happier customers! 

Try Ibby for free and start powering your team to boost productivity, sales and support.


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