Introducing Ibby: Messaging tools for marketing, sales & support

Empowering teams to boost sales & support

Last week we launched Ibby in beta, giving all our early subscribers the chance to try a brand-new messaging platform that empowers teams to better collaborate in real-time to engage with prospects, drive sales and scale customer support.

Ibby integrates modern messaging channels combining: live chat, email and SMS, within integrated sales & support modules, providing a workspace designed for team collaboration and business growth.


Why did we build Ibby?


With messaging increasingly dominating the future of business communications, we wanted to create a product that puts messaging at the centre of the sales process to enhance the entire customer journey. We decided this would have to start with live chat, but knew we had to go way beyond.

Although it’s been around for years, live chat has been changing the game for ecommerce more recently than ever – growing in popularity as the channel people prefer for customer contact. But businesses often fail to meet live chat demands. Consumers reaching out for help online are frequently met with a robotic experience, slow response or poor-quality service.

Consumers want to get information in a quick and accurate way, and getting help from a live person is regarded as one of the most important features a website can offer. As live chat continues to evolve as a channel to facilitate this, we asked ourselves; what can we do to help teams do live chat right?

We decided that live chat had to allow teams to work better together; as humans, and collectively. So, we created Ibby with a plethora of tools to make teamwork real-time and more effective, in order to boost conversion, sales and retention.

We found some key issues that are currently stopping live chat and real-time messaging from reaching its full potential and tackled every single one with a solution.


Problem Number 1:

Live chat is traditionally one-to-one, but it’s often not just one person who can solve a problem.


How often do customers have to wait in line to get an answer, or get in contact again to have a problem solved? Far too often. Reportedly, as much as 62% of customers have to contact a business multiple times to resolve an issue.

We flagged an important issue here: how challenging it is for teams to act quickly and effectively as a group when they need to. Teammates need each other’s help to respond accurately or to solve complicated questions, and disjointed channels to communicate with don’t make this an easy task.

Think of a case where marketing needs input from the sales team to answer a question, or customer service needs technical support to help with a case. Sounds familiar? We decided to break these barriers.

We designed our live chat to be not just one-to-one, but team(s)-to-one. With Ibby’s Private Chat, users can mention colleagues in conversations, so that several teammates can get involved when required and talk to visitors or customers as a team to provide a more effective, delightful service.

The private chat allows teammates to chat behind-the-scenes, exchange notes in real-time; in the same space, without the visitor finding out. With this functionality, teams can act quicker – no need no need to rely on email to get things done!


Problem Number 2

Customers want to engage at their convenience and businesses struggle to cater for them.


In a world with so many communication channels, and customers who are increasingly multi-tasking, the need for a solution that eases communication and engagement is becoming more and more important.

Fully aware of this, we designed our Conversations Inbox to support not just live chat, but also email, SMS, and (soon to be implemented) Facebook Messenger and other popular channels. Your customers will want to reach you the way they want, and it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

Ibby organises all conversations in one unified inbox for your team to manage communications easily and effectively.


Problem Number 3

Agents can’t always be there, and chat bots are not always a good solution.


When it comes to live chat, users want better human service. Until chat bots get as smart as humans, the preference will remain for consumers to talk to a person. For most companies, however, it’s not humanly possible to provide 24/7 support via live chat.

We thought of tools that were essential for businesses to capture and qualify leads effectively to close more sales, without relying on bots. This led us to the development of Ibby’s powerful automation workflows, to provide teams with the support they need.

We created Ibby with the capability to capture leads for you. In your workflow builder, you can set up Ibby bot to respond automatically to contacts when they start a conversation on live chat, asking your visitor to provide their name and email address. The system will save the contact for you, and you can automate tasks or emails for your team to follow up effectively.

You can also automate unique chat messages to greet visitors on your website. You can connect auto messages to web pages, or even combine them with emails; to nurture your leads and encourage real-time conversations in a personal way.

There’s much more you can do with Ibby’s automations. You can create workflows to support every part of your lifecycle and keep customer engagement on a high note: automate email and SMS, set timed messages to move prospects down the funnel and keep customers happy.


With a solution for each of these common problems, we can help businesses to really exploit the benefits of modern messaging, and make the most of a rich toolkit that can aid in conversion through to support, loyalty and retention.

So, go ahead, take Ibby for a spin. We are offering our early bird adopters a 3 month free trial, for a limited time only!

Getting stated is easy, and you won’t have to enter any credit card details.

Subscribe to our early bird list here.

See you on the other side!


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