Ibby beta is here! Check out the features

It’s an exciting day for us at Ibby, as today we are releasing our beta product. Take a look at what’s here!

Here’s an overview of the features that our valued early subscribers are getting to try free for 3 months!

Sales & Support Workspaces

Ibby is designed to integrate sales and support teams to work together in one environment. Users can switch between the modules right from the top, to find slightly different functionalities:

Sales workspace

If your live chat widget is connected to a sales workspace, live chat messages from your visitors will appear under the Conversations tab in the sales module.

In Contacts, you can select contact statuses and sources where your contacts come from, to keep your contacts organised. You can then create workflows for your sales module based on this data, to automate actions through your sales cycle.

Support workspace

If your live chat widget is connected to a support workspace, live chat messages from your visitors will appear under the Tickets tab in the support workspace.

You can assign tickets to users, and use filters to find what you need. You can also create workflows for your support workspace based on this data.

Live chat

The power of live chat for engaging with visitors and turning them into customers cannot be underestimated!

We have worked on a state-of-the-art messenger for teams to exploit the real benefits of live chat. It is a stylish widget equipped with automations, emojis, file upload, chat history and options for customisation.

Several users are able to participate in conversations to chat with visitors and customers as a team, rather than just 1-2-1. This is a great feature for teams, to solve queries quickly and delight customers with the level of service!

Auto messages in live chat can be triggered with Ibby’s automation workflows, and there’s a handy lead capture form that can also be automated to ask for your visitor’s email address while you’re offline.

The Ibby chat widget can be easily added to your website by simply copy-pasting the code snippet, which can be found in the user’s account settings. If you’re adding the widget to a WordPress site, check out this video.

Widget customisation

The widget can be customised to match your website and express your brand’s tone of voice. Here’s what you can do within settings to customise your chat:

New visitor welcome message 1 – this is the message that will appear on the main screen of your widget for new visitors.
New visitor welcome message 2 – the text following the prior message
Returning visitor message – this message will appear on the top of the widget screen for returning contacts who had previous conversations with you.
Primary colour – select a colour for the widget to match your website

Private chat

Users are able to use the private chat window to exchange comments behind the scenes while chatting to visitors and customers. This handy feature can help teammates to discuss and collaborate in real-time to solve questions quicker, without visitors finding out.

To use private notes, click on ‘private chat’ on the top left of conversations, and type @ to find and mention other users you want to talk to.


The Ibby dashboard contains handy visualisations with number of website visitors, contacts added and number of assigned/unassigned conversations.

You can alter the size of each graph and position to suit your needs!


Contacts will be your go-to place with all of your customer data. In here, you can add contacts, edit details, set contact statuses and lead sources to keep your contacts organised. Switch between table and board view for convenience.


The Ibby conversations inbox is designed for teams to work better together. Users will be able to manage messages from live chat, email and SMS – all from one place.

We will soon be adding Facebook Messenger functionality, so that these messages can also be managed within Conversations.


With Ibby’s task system you can create tasks for you and your team; assign tasks to users, set due dates and set up reminders. Mark tasks as complete to stay on top of your workload.

The creation of tasks can also be automated, using Ibby’s workflows. You can trigger tasks to be generated following specific events, such as a contact status change, an email getting open by customers, conversation started by contacts, and more.

Automation workflows

Ibby’s powerful workflows allow teams to automate messages, tasks, and CRM actions based on a number of events – a.k.a. triggers.

The friendly UI of Ibby’s workflows will make it easy for you to select triggers, set actions to follow, insert waiting times when appropriate, and decision branches to create action paths with ease.

Users can select from triggers such as contact status change, conversation started (via SMS, email, live chat), web page visited (specific URL) and more. Actions that can be automated go beyond messaging: you can automate tasks, contact status changes or lead scores.

There’s really countless things to do with Ibby’s automations!


Tickets are similar to conversations, but they’re found within your support module.

Your customers will be able to open tickets in your support module by messaging you via live chat, or emailing you to an allocated Ibby email address. When you connect live chat on your website to your support module, you will allow visitors to open tickets by messaging you right from your website.

You can select from a list of statuses for tickets to keep them organised, and assign to teammates to ensure follow up of every customer query.

More features to come!

We’re super thrilled to get all our early subscribers to test Ibby in beta stage, and discover new exciting features to come in the next weeks.

If you’re not on our beta list and want to take Ibby for a spin, talk to us! We’ll be happy to set you up for a free trial. Just message us via the widget on this page, or email us at support@getibby.com

We’re looking forward to having you onboard and receiving your feedback. Get ready to start converting visitors and delighting customers!


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