How to use live chat to capture more leads

We recently talked about how live chat can be a powerful tool for sales. In this post, we’ll cover how you can harness live chat for producing more leads and better-quality interactions.

No matter how well business is going – a steady and growing influx of leads is essential to generate more sales and scale your business. Fortunately, companies of all sizes can benefit from the latest advances in messaging technology to help keep those leads coming.

Live chat is one of these valuable resources: it gives you an instant messaging platform for engaging with potential customers on your website, helping you to shorten the sales funnel and qualify leads instantly.

Businesses can connect with visitors to quickly provide assistance and speed up the process of qualifying leads to seconds. This way, live chat aids a great deal with lead generation – but there’s more.

Modern live chat platforms like Ibby allow you to proactively talk to visitors and automatically capture their contact details, improving lead generation. The best part is; you don’t even have to be online.

This works in two different ways:


 1- Setting up Ibby bot to capture your visitors’ contact details


You can set up Ibby bot to respond automatically to contacts when they start a conversation on live chat. The system can respond with an automated custom message and ask your visitor to provide their name and email address.

In practice, this means that the chatbot will act as your assistant during offline hours, taking leads’ contact details for you – so that your team agents never lose touch with a new lead, and can get in contact at their earliest convenience.


2- Prompting auto messages in live chat


Your visitors are not all the same. Tailoring messages to fit different types of visitors will lead to better quality interactions and increase your chances of conversion – that’s why we’ve created auto messages.

With Ibby’s auto messages, you can set up short custom messages that will appear in your live chat widget for visitors, based on specific factors such as navigation behaviour. This will help you to start conversations in a more meaningful way, resulting in more leads and improved customer experience.

You can prompt messages based on specific URL people visit on your website, time your visitors spend on a page, or even source where your visitors come from.

Auto messages are a great resource for customising messages and inviting visitors to chat with you. It’s automation, but with a level of personalisation that will help warm up your leads.


Using Ibby bot’s lead form and auto messages combined

These features will aid in generating leads, especially when used together. Auto messages with custom greetings will increase the chances of visitors engaging with you on live chat – while the lead capture form will take care of collecting your visitors’ contact details.

For businesses where bookings are essential, auto messages can proactively tempt visitors to make a booking, or share a link, as appropriate. For ecommerce websites and online shops, your messages can deliver pieces of information to help clarify prices, to assist with the checkout process, or to share offers and discounts.

You can also combine the auto message functionality with emails you send out to contacts. For instance, triggering unique messages to URLs linked to the CTA on your email campaign. This way you can elevate your outbound campaigns and turn emails to conversations.

The opportunities to engage and qualify leads with Ibby bot and auto messages are endless!


Tracking performance

Keep on top of your lead generation strategy by tracking performance. Your sales dashboard in Ibby will show you valuable insights; not just for sales but for leads too.

Additionally, to number of conversations created in live chat, you can see the number of leads collected with Ibby bot while you are offline, and volume of responses from visitors to auto messages you triggered.



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