How financial advisors can boost leads and sales with messaging

As a complete messaging platform for financial services, Ibby can help you to boost your IFA business to increase leads and sales

The benefits of messaging and automation are becoming well-known across a wide range of industries. For financial advisors, the advantages are manifold. Here’s how a platform with a rich tool-kit powered by messaging can help to take lead generation and sales to the very next level.

1. Engaging with visitors in real-time with live chat

Every visitor is a potential customer, and every conversation is an opportunity to close a sale. This is why you’ll want to take a proactive approach and engage with prospects in real-time conversations; whenever you get the chance.

Ibby comes packed with messaging features to help you to engage with visitors online, the most important one being live chat. Ibby chat is a simple widget that allows you to have online conversations with visitors, to answer their questions in real-time, instantly qualify leads and win customers. 

For e-commerce websites, live chat has the major advantage of minimising the number of steps customers have to get through to complete a purchase, to a single conversation. Rather than spending a long time on a website looking for a product, or getting confused along the way due to diverse complexities in the buying journey; a visitor can reach out to an agent via live chat to ask a question, and be guided online via chat to complete the purchase with ease.

For financial advisors, the benefits are also worth noting. A chatbox provides consumers with the convenience of getting help before having to provide their contact details, and it provides businesses with a unique opportunity to humanise their website and build trust through engaging conversations. This is particularly important in the world of financial advice – where trust is key, and building rapport with prospective customers goes a long way, leading to quicker sales and better retention.

TOP TIP: Stay tune for alerts and be quick! 
Your response time is crucial in live chat service. Consumers expect
an instant response, so the quicker you can get back to them in
live chat, the better. With alerts from Ibby, you can stay on top
of all conversations coming in from live chat, so that you can
increase your chances of providing a real-time response.

2. Personalise your communication with auto-messages

With Ibby’s auto messages you can set up custom messages to pop up in your live chat widget for specific URLs on your website – it’s the ultimate automated way to proactively invite your visitors to chat with you.

Auto Messages can be a massive help as the first step in your conversion strategy. Because you can set up unique messages based on your visitors’ behaviour (and based on other triggers too), you can start conversations in a more meaningful way – improving customer experience in the way.

You can prompt messages offering help for visitors on your products or services page or share a discount for visitors checking out your prices; the opportunities to engage and qualify leads with auto messages are endless!

TOP TIP: Use auto messages to turn your emails to 
real-time conversations
You can trigger unique auto messages to specific URLs linked
to the CTA on your email. For example, you can prompt a message
thanking your recipient for checking out the link on your email
and invite them to chat if they have any questions. This is a very
smart opportunity to elevate your outbound campaigns and
turn emails to conversations.

3. Shortening the sales funnel with integrated messaging

Simplifying the buying journey helps you to shorten the funnel; close deals faster and increase sales. This is usually easier said than done, but take a look at how you can use some features from Ibby to reduce your time to close.

Multi-channel Inbox

Using different channels to communicate with prospects can overcomplicate the sales process. Fortunately, your multi-channel inbox will organise all conversations into one place, so whether customers reach you via email, live chat, SMS – it will be easy and straightforward for your team to handle every case.

Managing conversations from one place builds your ability to get back to customers quicker and deal with every case more effectively. Remember – time is precious; the quicker the response time is, the better chance of closing a sale.

TOP TIP: Set up a specific number for SMS messages 
to reach your team
Your inbox comes with a Team Inbound SMS functionality to
speed up the routing process for text messages – set specific
numbers per team and immediately allocate SMS conversations
to the relevant users. 

Invite Users to chat as a team

Breaking down the barriers between your team and your contacts can help reduce friction in customer interactions and ease the sales process.

With Ibby’s Live Chat, you can invite users to chat to a visitor as a team; collaborate in real-time and get things done quicker. Customers don’t usually expect to talk to more than one agent on live chat; so not only will you be able to close sales faster, but you’ll also delight customers with the level of service!

TOP TIP: Use private mode and @mentions to collaborate 
Ibby’s unique features allow you to exchange information
with your team behind the scenes in a smooth way. When
multiple teammates are chatting to a single customer in live chat,
you can utilise the side panel to have a Private Chat with your
teammates, and use @mentions to get them involved.
Messages exchanged in Private Chat are invisible to your visitor,
so you can safely collaborate behind the scenes to assist users
and close sales quicker.

4. Improving lead nurturing with Contacts and Workflows

Lead nurturing follows immediately after lead generation, and it’s just as important for closing more sales. Take a look at the top Ibby features to help up your game in lead nurturing:


Ibby’s CRM platform is designed to intelligently gather all data from your contacts and organise it into beautifully presented profiles.

With a full history for each contact, and tasks that can be associated with contacts – you can stay on top of every action required for identifying prospects and nurture your leads.

TOP TIP: Use contact statuses to identify your leads and 
Contact statuses are friendly, colourful labels to help you identify
leads, opportunities and customers and better strategise your
nurturing journey. In Ibby's workflows, you can use contact
status changes as triggers, which means you can make use of
statuses for setting up auto messages and send relevant,
context-based communications.

Workflows – setting up personalised, timed communications

Marketing automation can play a major role in lead nurturing for financial advice; helping to reduce man hours by putting your communications on auto-pilot.

Ibby allows you to automate emails and SMS communications that can help you to send the right message to the right contacts, at the right time. It can be a powerful strategy for advisors, to help your team to save time and move your prospects through the sales funnel.

TOP TIP: Personalise!
Consumers are constantly bombarded by promotional messages
and ads, and personalisation is what makes all the difference.
Needless to say, a robotic tone is a no-no here – try to soften
your automation with an engaging, human tone, as this is
highly valued.

Ready to grow and scale?

Hopefully, this guide has provided an overview of how you can use Ibby to start boosting leads and sales – and power business growth.

Do you have any questions? We’re happy to help! You can reach out to us directly on live chat, our team would be delighted to arrange a demo for you, if you’re into that kind of thing! Or just sign up today and get started for free.


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